How to Prepare Your Hair Before Using Henna

Henna is a herbal powder that women utilize worldwide for coloring their hair. The herbal powder nourishes the scalp, hair, and conditions it thoroughly. It makes the hair grow fast as well. Today, you can purchase henna for hair online that’s ultra-filtered and completely natural. trt therapy

The ready-to-apply henna paste is very convenient for those who don’t have much time to make the henna paste from the powder. However, people frequently wonder what they should do to their hair before using henna. 

Does their hair need to be unwashed, or can it have a conditioner on it? People also ask if hair should be wet or dry before applying henna. There’s a specific process for treating your hair with henna to get the best results. Keep reading to find more about it.

What to Consider Before Applying Henna Paste to the Hair?

Before you go ahead and apply the paste on your hair, ensure that they are clean. Clean implies that there should not be any dirt on your hair, and neither should your hair be oiled. 

There should also not be any mineral build-up on your hair and scalp. It’s because all these things do not let the henna dye from adequately binding to your hair strands. Thus, you need to ensure that your hair is squeaky clean. 

Another thing to note before applying the paste is that you must not put any kind of conditioning products on your hair. They block the dye uptake. 

Lastly, your hair should be either dry or damp when applying the mixture. You can either choose to have dry or damp hair depending on what enables you to separate your hair into sections for easy application. 

How to Remove Dirt and Oil from Your Hair?

When you leave your hair unwashed, it accumulates dirt and pollutants from your surroundings. When it combines with the natural oils of your body and heat, your hair turns into a place for bacteria and microbes to thrive. 

Henna paste for hair is renowned for its hair strengthening and coloring properties, resulting from the dye molecule called lawsone. Dirty hair prevents dye uptake, thus limiting the strengthening and coloring benefits of henna. So, use a clarifying shampoo to remove dirt from your hair.

It’s also important not to apply any oil or conditioner on your hair before using a henna paste. If your hair is oiled or conditioned, wash them immediately.

It’s because henna will not bind into your hair till it is fully clean. Oil and conditioners act as barriers, which prevent henna from binding to your hair successfully. 

Stepwise Process to Prepare Hair before Applying Henna

  • First, apply a suitable shampoo and cleanse your hair  
  • If you have dye-resistant or oily hair, use some extra shampoo. 
  • Remember that you don’t have to use a conditioner before applying the paste.
  • If you find that not conditioning your hair makes them highly unmanageable, rinse them with a mixture of cool water and diluted vinegar. It will give an extra slip to your hair.
  • Dry your hair in a manner where it’s not dripping with water.
  • Fully dry or damp hair is fine.

Since you invest so much of your time and effort in preparing your hair for a henna treatment, it’s best to purchase a high-quality henna mixture. 

Consider henna for hair that includes active ingredients like Rosemary, Manjistha black tea, and amla. A henna paste that includes such ingredients prevents aging and premature hair graying. 




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