5 Benefits of Microsoft Office 2019 Home and Business

Fun fact: Microsoft Office did not first appear on Windows computers. Its 1989 edition was actually a Mac exclusive until the following year. 

Whether you are using Microsoft software on Windows or Mac, it is one of the most powerful productivity suites ever made. It provides software options for just about any business or personal use you can imagine. And even older versions continue to be highly reliable, such as Microsoft Office 2019 Home.

If you are looking at buying software for your office needs–especially something without a SaaS pricing model–consider Microsoft Office 2019 Home. Here are five benefits of using it.

  1. Microsoft Office 2019 Home Is Excellent for Digital Ink Lovers

Are you a fan of using a stylus to write notes directly onto a Windows tablet? Then you will love the Microsoft technology for digital ink in 2019 Home.

2019 home has excellent pressure sensitivity, allowing you to write very realistic notes or draw pictures on the screen as if it were paper. Click here for more on where you can buy it.

  1. Easier Sharing than Ever Before

Sharing is a staple these days when most office apps are running on phones and tablets. It makes it easier to pass documents to other people without having to save them and attach them to an email.

Thankfully, 2019 has a native sharing option that appears in all office apps.

  1. Version History Is Far Better

When collaborating with many different people, it’s expected that there will be a ton of edits. It can quickly become disorienting when changes are happening so fast.

Thanks to 2019 Home, you can easily keep track of all versions of a document.

  1. Smart Attachments

Sometimes, you were working on one particular document periodically over the course of weeks. During the times that you were not working on it, it sinks to the bottom of your file explorer. Not only is it easy to lose track of this, but it’s easy to forget you worked on it in the first place.

Thanks to smart attachments, Microsoft remembers which documents you were working on and helps you to share past and current versions.

  1. Ink-to-Text Support

Perhaps you love digital notes but aren’t a huge fan of seeing your own handwriting. In this case, you can use the ink-to-text feature, which translates your handwriting into a digital font.

With ink-to-text, you simply write as you normally would. When you finish writing, you can convert a note into text. Or you can have it converted to text as you’re writing it for better convenience.

Make Microsoft Office 2019 Home Part of Your Suite of Applications

Microsoft Office 2019 Home is one of the best versions to date, with plenty of features essential to businesses and working individuals. Although this version is outdated, it still has some novel features that you can use in your workflow. Best of all, Office 2019 Home does not operate on a subscription model like modern office versions.

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