Top bitcoin online casinos: main features

Virtual casinos that support cryptocurrency are trending today. Consumers can win bitcoins and multiply their winnings by experiencing unpredictable rate hikes.

Why all casinos are switching to cryptocurrency

Modern top bitcoin online casinos are ready to offer customers much more than classic gambling clubs. Operators enjoy the support of slot providers. Developers have long been creating slot machines that have been honed for bitcoin betting.

Another big plus is the almost one hundred percent anonymity. An online club visitor can keep their bank cards unaffiliated and comfortably withdraw their winnings in a matter of seconds. 

What makes the best bitcoin casinos different

Clients of gambling platforms value anonymity, and it is best guaranteed by operations using cryptocurrencies. Almost every gambling platform accepts payments in cryptocurrencies, but not all of them can be called bitcoin casinos. Resources that work on the fiat system (automatically exchanging crypto into regular money) should be immediately excluded from the list.

Bitcoin casinos are the ones that accept deposits and make payments in virtual coins. This type of establishment can be divided into 2 types: those that work only with cryptocurrencies and those that accept payments by regular means in parallel. In the second case, a separate balance is opened for cryptocurrencies and special conditions for bets and spins are set.

The average size of bets on cryptocurrency resources is higher than in classic casinos. A young progressive audience, which has a solid level of income, plays at such sites. Another factor is that it is morally easier to part with a thousandth of a coin than, for example, with $20.

Advantages of bitcoin casinos

All cryptocurrency transactions are anonymous and cannot be traced by state authorities. The player doesn’t enter bank card details, so it’s impossible to steal this data. This does not mean that the casino itself will not require verification. The platforms operate on a “know your customer” system, which helps them fight money laundering.

The main advantages of bitcoin casinos are:

  • instant withdrawal with no fees;
  • it is possible to earn extra money from the increase in the rate of the cryptocurrency;
  • availability of special bonuses when depositing;
  • transactions are legal in all countries of the world.

Bitcoin casinos accept payments not only in BTC but also work with other popular coins. Litecoin, Dogecoin, Tether, and Ethereum are obligatory in the list of payment instruments.

Additional options in bitcoin casinos

Today, developers are releasing slots that can only be played with cryptocurrency. These are usually machines with a high variance and a payout of over 95%. Bitcoin casinos often offer jackpots and lottery promotions.

A bitcoin faucet is a useful option. The user performs simple tasks in the casino, such as clicking on an advertising banner or filling out a simple form. For this, the player receives a small amount of satoshi. This money is allowed to be used to play on the site or to withdraw into cash.

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