(Quiz) Today GK Current Affairs of 26th October 2021

Today GK Current Affairs of 26th October 2021: Today In this article I will be sharing Quiz on Today GK Current Affairs of 26th October 2021 . If you are student and want to become master in GK current affairs then try the Quiz questions Daily.

So that this will help you to gain more knowledge and you can prepare for exams and Score good Marks. So let us start the quiz and Learn and Enjoy.

Today GK Current Affairs of 26th October 2021

Top Quiz Questions on GK Current Affairs of 26th October

Below are some Current affairs quiz Questions of 26th October. You can mark the correct option and check your result.

1. Konkan Shakti 2021 is the first-ever tri-services joint exercise between India and which country?


B) France 


D) Japan

Ans: A) UK

2. Sandra Mason has been elected as the first ever President of which country?

A) Saint Lucia 

B) Barbados 

C) The Bahamas 

D) Saint Lucia

Ans: B) Barbados

3. As per the 2021 Global Agricultural Productivity Report, what is the annual rate of Total factor productivity (TFP)?

A) 1.36% 

B) 2.5% 

C) 3.5 %

D) 4.37%

Ans: A) 1.36% 

4. What is the theme of ‘World Sight Day 2021’?

A) Love Your Eyes 

B) Donate Eyes; Donate Life 

C) Eye Health matters 

D) Sight First

Ans: A) Love Your Eyes

5. Actor William Shatner, who became the oldest person ever in space, travelled aboard the rocket-ship of which agency?

A) United Launch Alliance

B) Virgin Galactic 

C) Blue Origin

D) SpaceX

Ans: C) Blue Origin

6. What is India’s total public health sector allocation (% of GDP), as per the Union Budget 2021-22?

A) 1.5 

B) 1.2 

C) 1.3 

D) 4.0

Ans:  B) 1.2


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