Teaching Methods: 6 Effective Methods and How to Use Them

Teaching job involves several challenges, and they need skills while teaching lessons in a classroom. A teacher should know how to improve his/her skills in various ways that will help accomplish goals considerably. It is wise to know teaching techniques from various sources which ultimately provides ways to gain more advantages. Furthermore, they make a teacher become a professional in the teaching profession. Not only that, knowing the effective teaching techniques allow teachers to focus more on their objectives. 

Knowing the six effective training methods 

  1. Experiential learning 

Experiential learning refers to gaining experience from engaging and interacting with the people who are around them. It is a holistic technique that is different from traditional learning methods. The technique is a deep learning process that can work for students than surface learning. While surface learning aims at preparing a subject for an exam, deep learning involves implementing different methods. Some of them include reading, playing, and discussing that will help students to know what they’re learning. Additionally, they make feasible ways to enhance their abilities effectively while studying lessons. 

Teachers should know the four stages of experiential learning. They include concrete experience, reflective observation, abstract conceptualization, and active experimentation that can increase the performance of students. The technique is a great teaching method because it allows students to enhance their creativity, make decisions, and know the mistakes in the learning process. A simple way to encourage students in experiential learning is to assess themselves regularly that will help them know what they’ve learned.

  1. Differentiation 

Differentiation is another technique that helps students to get the most out when learning lessons. It aims at allocating tasks to students based on their abilities and requirements. The technique works great for teachers when it comes to mixed-ability classes. Besides that, it involves assigning activities to students that will do major wonders. The technique may become successful when teachers handle the same appropriately. 

For instance, some teachers may like to teach students different content depending on their abilities. At the same time, they will result in failures and differentiated learning offers a solution for them. Teachers should consider using the technique in a variety of ways that give ways to accomplish goals in the learning process. They can utilize books, films, and illustrations to engage students while teaching lessons in a classroom. Moreover, teachers can implement certain tools that can save more time because it helps group students based on their choices. 

  1. Blended learning

Blended learning is one of the best ways to teach lessons in a classroom with a combination of face-to-face learning and technology-based learning. With technologies growing faster, teachers need to include them in teaching. They keep students focused and interested while learning a subject. Virtual reality, flex training, station rotation, and enriched virtual learning are some examples of blended training where students can gain knowledge. Implementing technologies in a classroom lets students learn lessons with high efficiency. However, teachers should make sure that they have the required knowledge when using them in a classroom. Anyone who wants to know more about blended teaching can join a course online that will help meet the exact needs. It even provides opportunities for teachers to interact with students to know their requirements and other things. pi

  1. Game-based learning 

Game-based teaching is an effective strategy for students to make them engaged in the learning process. It provides more fun and increases the creativity levels of students with high efficiency. The technique aims at implementing game-based elements into non-games activities enabling students to motivate themselves in the classroom. On the other hand, the teaching method is not useful for every context. This is because certain subject lessons need serious discussions and game-based teaching is not the right choice for this purpose. 

Therefore, teachers should consider incorporating some elements in this learning to cater to the needs of students while learning lessons. Some of them include levels, point systems, unique rewards, learning badges, etc. Too much game-based teaching will affect the creativity levels of students and a teacher should avoid the practice. 

  1. Online teaching 

Online teaching is becoming a popular method today because it allows teachers to teach lessons to students. However, a teacher should be familiar with internet technologies to overcome any difficulties. The best way to learn how to handle online teaching is by joining an online teaching training course because it will cover everything for teachers. Apart from that, the course will help teachers to provide a better experience to students when they learn lessons. 

Online teaching involves some complications and teachers should be aware of them in detail. Joining a training course will guide them to improve their abilities and other things to a large extent. Several colleges and universities offer online training courses for teachers at different levels. They are ideal for online class management which helps students to learn lessons without any hassles. Also, they show methods to train students online with the right strategies to learn a subject with ease. 

  1. Student-centered learning 

This teaching technique is entirely different from traditional teaching which enables students to learn lessons with high efficiency. A teacher will provide instructions to students in a classroom, and they can choose what they want to learn. In other words, it is personalized learning and students play an active role in the classroom. Students will have discussions with their classmates and teachers rather than taking part in passive activities. 

That means they can ask questions that are primarily related to inquiry-based learning. A teacher should remain an excellent facilitator when he/she is following this teaching technique. He/she should encourage students to focus more on open communication, creativity, and other things. Furthermore, teachers should urge students to know what they’ve learned from the technique. The technique facilitates a student to learn more things that will help them achieve goals in life. Furthermore, it even provides methods to minimize difficulties while teaching lessons. Implementing the best teaching techniques allow students to learn a subject with more accuracy. 

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