Important criteria to consider when you are purchasing a T shirt

Important criteria to consider when you are purchasing a T shirt

All of us would have a T story to tell- your favourite T-shirt with a story to go along with it. It is an accessory that can adapt itself to any situation or it can be a corporate uniform. Hence the versatility of a T-shirt does not need any further investigation. Sports T shirt for men is an affordable piece of clothing for men all over the world.

But not all the T-shirts are of the same type. Some may be equal than others. But how do you stop the differences. What are the things that you consider when you purchase a men’s T-shirt.

Fabric type

The choice of a T-shirt is to be done based on the fabrics and in my consideration list fibre content topples the list. A T-shirt tends to be 100 % cotton or a mixture of synthetic or cotton fibres. When it is thin T-shirts jersey material is being used and for stretchy T-shirts, cotton spandex is being used.

The comfort level to a considerable level is dependent upon the type of fabric that is chosen. This would depend upon the place where you happen to be wearing the T-shirt. For example, a 100% cotton shirt is suitable is to be worn in hot climates. But if you happen to be in an AC room even if you reside in a tropical climate, it will not matter if the T-shirt has synthetic fibres mixed on to the cotton fibres. You are going to welcome the synthetic fibre due to the additional benefits that it goes on to provide. It offers wrinkle resistance, easy wash stability along with easy maintenance.

100 % polyester fabric T-shirts is not something to be worn on a day-to-day basis. But they turn out to be a great choice for sporting activities since they are light in weight and easy to stretch. This is not going to happen with cotton. Cotton even when it absorbs sweat tends to remain wet for a longer period of time. When you are sweating it out you do not want the feeling of wetness on your body.

Printed design

The design that is printed on the T shirt may sometimes take precedence over everything else. It can be the fabric type or anything else. The quotes, and artworks might be the things that attract you to the T shirt in the first place and all other considerations are pale if you have fallen in love with it.

Fit and size

When you are about to undertake men sports T shirt buy size and fit are important than anything else. If you belong to a particular category you can choose one that can be worn all around the year. There is another option where you proceed to a shop and try one by one. But this is an issue if you are purchasing online. The size may vary across brands. An ideal thing to do is to catch hold of a tape and measure and waist and chest size and double check the measuring of each brand. Another point of consideration is that cotton T-shirts shrink a tinge as you need to consider this aspect when you are purchasing a one.


The occasion where you purchase the T-shirt is another point to consider. To a formal event you will not be wearing a T-shirt. But when you do wear one the occasion holds relevance. A trip out with your friends or a visit to the gym as all of them require different considerations. 

When it is a sports activity you need a T-shirt that disperses perspiration and dries quickly. If you are relaxing in your home a T-shirt of natural fibres may suffice. During the winter months you may require a long-sleeved T-shirt or a hoodie that is going to provide you with an extra layer of protection.


A vital point of consideration but it happens to be a personal one. Obviously, you are going to purchase one that you may afford. There is nothing more to say.

The cut and style of the T shirts

Some of the common type of T shirt is the short sleeves and crew neck. Various types of T shirts are there and many-layered form of T-shirt means that you need to be wearing one over the other. Though this is dependent upon the individual trends and the fashion that is existing at this point of time.

The T shirt colour

Once again this is dependent upon your personal preferences. Even it would depend upon other combinations like the colour of the fabric along with the pointers to choose which is the best fabric colour when it comes to your T shirt.

Other considerations

In some cases a T shirt may become a crop and this is after a single wash. This is the nightmare and reality that you are going to come across when you purchase a T shirt.  It is the common point of consideration when you are purchasing a T shirt. So it is suggested that you consider the fabric type when you are purchasing a T shirt. Be aware that the cotton fibres are prone to some form of shrinkage. If the cotton is not something that is not pre- shrunk then you need to choose a larger size.

Another issue that comes up due to overstretching is on particular regions like the neckline. A quality T shirt will have a tape around the neckline that will prevent overstretching. Shrinkage along with overstretching is dependent upon the quality of fabric in the first place. But all this can be prevented if you take some degree of precautions when it comes to your clothes. If you are looking to purchase cotton T shirts then it is better to purchase the long staple ones.

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