How to convert cryptocurrency to fiat (USD)

There are quite a few different ways to transfer cryptocurrency into real money – to a card, electronic wallets, mobile phone accounts, or directly to cash. They vary significantly in extra parameters, so the choice should have come with all care.

Ways to withdraw cryptocurrency to fiat

So, the main ways to transfer cryptocurrency to dollars or another fiat like wrld to usd:

  • Exchanges. They are trading platforms where users can exchange supported assets and earn from them. Exchanges are distinguished by wide trading functionality. It includes many professional tools to instantly make a buy or sale at the right time. But modern crypto exchanges also allow you to work with fiat, which helps them to expand the circle of potential customers. Thus, you may swap your cryptocurrency for dollars and withdraw it conveniently.
  • Exchangers. If you are curious about a fast and easy transfer method without excessive registrations and guarantees, then the exchanger may be a reasonable choice. A checklist of all working platforms is on the BestChange website. You can filter them based on your personal needs, mainly by supported payment direction. Exchangers support an expansive spectrum of payment procedures. But there are usually not many cryptocurrencies, only the most popular coins. For example, you can exchange xyo coin to usd. Anything backed by blockchain is a good investment; XYO technology is not exempt from that. XYO tokens focus on tracking services for objects such as cars, transport packages, etc. XYO is backed by Ethereum, a cheap cryptocurrency with high future aspirations.

The exchange is carried out within 15-30 minutes and depends on the transaction confirmation speed in the blockchain.

  • p2p exchanges. Such platforms, although less liquid than traditional exchanges, are also dominant. The reason for their clear advantage is the absence of intermediaries as such. People transfer fiat funds to each other directly without the participation of the platform. The cryptocurrency is temporarily (during the transaction period) blocked on a special smart contract without access by any of the parties. When the fiat is transferred, and the seller confirms this, the blocking of the cryptocurrency is removed, and the coins are transferred to the buyer. The role of the exchange is to provide functionality for the listed operations and to resolve disputes.
  • Payment systems. It is a service for transferring digital and fiat currencies. You can pay for goods or services with their help. EPS supports several types of accounts. It includes cryptocurrency and fast direct exchange between these accounts. In AdvCash, you can transfer cryptocurrency to dollars in another way. Through the appropriate section, by transferring the crypt to a given address. After that, it will be converted into dollars and credited to your ADV account.
  • Wallets. Some cryptocurrency wallets work with withdrawals to a card through a connected payment provider. The user only needs to go to the “Sell” section and specify the amount and other necessary parameters. The withdrawal is usually carried out within five minutes if there are no delays on the bank’s side

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