Biggest Myths About Car Maintenance

Has any of your friends ever complained that they just replaced an alternator on their car only to find out later it was something else? Or maybe your spouse tries to convince you that new spark plugs will give you better gas mileage and perform better. Some people also are confused about auto refi rates. According to Lantern by SoFi, “Checking your auto refi rates comes with no application fee or obligation.” If you’re looking for better auto refi rates, give them a call.

Let’s look at the top ten myths about car maintenance.

1. New Spark Plugs Will Improve Gas Mileage and Performance

Spark plugs help start the car by firing electricity that lights off the fuel. When this fires, it ignites the air/fuel mixture inside a cylinder, causing a piston to move up and down inside a car’s engine. Spark plugs are made customized for each vehicle. They only need replacement when they fail or stop performing correctly. Unless you have done severe performance modifications, which will alter the way the spark plugs perform, replacing them should not be necessary.

2. Cars Can Run on Empty

When your car doesn’t have gas, you cannot continue to drive the vehicle. The gas tank holds gasoline at a certain level, and anything below this mark will cause problems for your engine. Gasoline left in your tank after the pump shuts off evaporates, which leaves residue inside the fuel lines and can lead to severe problems with the car. If you do not have enough gas to get home safely, then it is essential to stop at a station or call for assistance so that your car’s engine can last as long as possible.

3. A Car Can Run on Used Oil

You hear all of the time about people who say they just run their used oil in their car, and it runs just fine. The truth of the matter is that while you can do this, your vehicle will not run properly on used oil. It’s because the oil gets thick when it’s cold, impacting how it lubricates the engine. If you run used oil one winter, then switch back to brand new oil in spring, then your engine will run fine. However, if you continuously run your car with used oil, your engine will be damaged.

4. You Can Drive Your Car After It Overheats

The truth is that every car has a sensor that tells it when it is overheating, and if driven for too long in the same condition, it can cause the vehicle to break down. Driving a vehicle with an overheated engine can cause serious damage, which requires expensive repairs. If your car overheats, then you should pull over and shut off the car, allowing it to cool down completely.

5. New Tires Will Improve Gas Mileage and Performance

Most people believe that installing new tires will boost their gas mileage and improve performance. It is not the case. All tires should have the same size and type to perform, so having new tires will not improve gas mileage or car performance.

So, these were a few myths about car maintenance. Now that you know the truth, you can save a lot of money on car repairs.


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