10 Most Profitable Companies in the World

The ranking of the world’s most profitable firms provides insight into which nations wield the greatest economic power and which industries have the most economic clout. By far the world’s two largest economies, the United States and China. Moreover, half of the enterprises on the list are technological firms, while the other half are financial firms. This list includes only firms that are listed on US or Canadian markets. 

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Four of the five financial firms on the list are headquartered in China. Banks, investment firms, insurance companies, and real estate corporations make up the financial industry. These businesses provide a variety of financial services, such as deposits, loans, investment and wealth management, insurance, and brokerage.


These are the top ten most profitable firms in terms of 12-month trailing net income;

1. Apple, Inc. 

Apple creates mobile communication and media devices, laptops, and digital music players. Music and video streaming services as well as third-party digital material and apps are also sold by the corporation. Apple is well recognized for its iPhone, iPad, and Mac computer lines.

2. Microsoft 

Microsoft creates, licenses, and maintains a wide range of software. Its products include operating systems, server software, commercial software, software development tools, and games. Manufacturer of mobile phones and other intelligent devices as well as related accessories.

3. ICB China Ltd. 

The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China offers financial services. Some of these services include business and personal loans as well as trade and custodial services.

4.China Development Bank 

China Construction Bank offers corporate and personal loans, deposit taking, wealth management, trade finance, financial counselling and advisory services, and remittance services to its customers.

5. Google Inc. 

Alphabet is a holding corporation that owns Google Inc. A number of Google’s products are available on the Internet. Alphabet also develops autonomous driving technologies through its Waymo project and sells smart home devices through Nest and Stadia.

6. Agricultural Bank of China Ltd. 

Agricultural Bank of China provides global financial services. It serves people, businesses, governments, and financial institutions.

7. JPMorgan Chase & Co.

JPMorgan Chase is a multinational banking and financial services holding corporation. The bank provides treasury and securities products and services to firms, investors, financial institutions, governments, and municipalities.

8. Alibaba Group Ltd. 

Alibaba is a Chinese holding corporation with its worldwide headquarters in Shanghai and its legal domicile in the Cayman Islands. Its Chinese subsidiaries and variable interest companies operate different e-commerce activities (VIEs). Its main revenue source is its massive digital marketplace that connects customers and businesses to purchase and sell.

9. Bank Of China 

Bank of China serves people, companies, governments, and financial organizations. Some of its products and services are trade-related (trade-related products and credit facilities).  The bank also provides asset management and insurance.

10. Intel 

Intel develops and manufactures computer components. Main products include microprocessors, chipsets, embedded processors and flash memory. The company’s clients include original equipment manufacturers, original design manufacturers, cloud and communications service providers, as well as industrial, communications, and automotive equipment manufacturers.

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